Kale and Vegetable Snacks

Kale Snack Slide

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Farmhouse Cheddar

Our Farmhouse Cheddar blends sweet red pepper, citrus and spices to create the rich flavor of cheese without the dairy.


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Garden Dip with pumpkin seeds

Our only kale snack made without tree nuts, Wonky’s Garden Dip is reminiscent of a fresh garden salad – with roasted pumpkins seeds and crisp, sweet carrots to add texture and flavor.


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Sweet Citrus with sunflower seeds

Sweet Citrus is a simple blend of bright lemon and organic miso, balanced with sweet agave, and tossed with toasted sunflower seeds.


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Green Garlic with coconut chips

Green Garlic is layered with garlic, fresh herbs, spices and pinch of chili pepper, and then tossed with coconut chips to deliver a unique mix of sweet and savory flavors.


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Aged Balsamic with spiced pistachios

This is a sophisticated blend of aged balsamic and tangy red onions, tossed with spiced pistachios.


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