Our Snacks

Wonky’s gourmet, healthy snacks come in varieties to satisfy the taste, texture and flavor cravings of the whole family. We source fresh, local ingredients – blend them in unique combinations, and slowly dry them to preserve their natural goodness. The result is a line of crunchy, satisfying and delicious snacks that are crazy good and crazy good for you!

Enjoy selections of delicious snacks offering Gluten-Free, Grain-Free, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free and other options for those looking for healthy alternatives in gourmet, satisfying foods.

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Kale and Vegetable Snacks

This is pure kale – locally sourced.  We take whole kale leaves and toss them about in this unique blend of vegetables, nuts and spices.  Then it is slowly dried – never baked or fried – to preserve the natural enzymes and vitamins.

Grain-free Vegetable Wafers

Our vegetable wafers are created using a blend of seeds and vegetables, slowly dried to preserve the natural enzymes and vitamins in our ingredients.

Activated Almonds

Wonky’s “activated” nuts have been soaked to release their enzymes, and then slowly dried to bring out their crunch. Lightly infused with fine herbs and seasonings, these activated almonds deliver rich nutrient value in a uniquely crunchy nut snack.

Nut Clusters

Our sweet clusters are slowly roasted at low temperatures, allowing the natural oils within the nuts to draw out a rich buttery flavor and crisp texture. Using fine natural ingredients we have created classic blends without the use of additional oils or refined sugar.

Nut Butters

Wonky nut butters are decadent, delightful and oh, so good for you.  Our nut butters are made with “activated” nuts – soaked to release their enzymes and then slowly dried to bring out their crunch.  This process aids in the digestion and bio-availability of all the nutrition within these nut spreads and makes them simply, richly delicious.

Oatmeal Wafers

Your morning oatmeal is going for a spin.  We soak and sprout our oats and lightly sweeten them with pure maple syrup. Then they are simply blended with coconut oil and spices and slowly dried into a delicious nutritious treat.